People born before 1967 can test new, revolutionary hearing aids

People born before 1967 to test groundbreaking new hearing aids - Compare hearing aids

Test new hearing aids RISK-FREE

People wanted to test new hearing aids for free

Thanks to revolutionary hearing technology, these new hearing aids are virtually invisible. It’s now easier to hear speech more clearly - even in noisy environments like at a restaurant or birthday party.

Don’t let hearing loss negatively impact your life

According to research, 42% of people over 50 years and 71% of people over 70 years suffer from hearing loss. (Source: Hearing aids statistics from UK survey on hearing loss).

But there is no need to live with it. Today’s hearing aids are smaller and more effective than ever, making it easier to live life without having hearing limitations hold you back. 

”If you struggle to pick out words, or find loud places difficult, then the new hearing aids can probably help you”

Test new hearing aids RISK-FREE

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Unique features of the new hearing aids

  • Virtually invisible
  • Natural hearing experience
  • Unparalleled speech recognition
  • Reduce background noise

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5 signs of hearing loss

Hearing loss is one of the world’s most common health challenges (Source: World Report on Hearing. Who.Int, 2021 ), so you are not alone. It can suddenly occur or develop over time, but it’s important to treat it soon to maintain the quality of your life and your health.

What symptoms to look out for:

  1. Difficult to understand individual words
  2. Conversation in noisy surroundings is a challenge
  3. Need to turn up the volume on tv or radion
  4. Trouble hearing consonants
  5. Withdrawal from conversations

If you recognize any of the symptoms above, then we recommend that you request a FREE hearing test and a free hearing aid trial

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“Within 10 minutes of having these new hearing aids fitted, I went to a coffee shop to test them. I knew straight away that they were far superior. I was absolutely thrilled."

Sandra Pierce, 58

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  3. Try the new hearing aids risk-free for 30 days

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Written by Sussie Sharp

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Improvements noticed since wearing a hearing aid

Improvements noticed since wearing a hearing aid - Compare hearing aids

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