You have made the first step to better hearing.
What happens next?



  1. You'll receive a phone call
    Hidden Hearing will call you shortly to schedule a free 
    hearing consultation, where you’ll be able to test the latest hearing aid technology in-clinic. Hidden Hearing are extremely busy, and hearing consultations are very limited. You will get a phone call from a number you might not recognise, but please answer the phone call.

  2. The free hearing test
    You'll be booked in for a consultation. During your consultation, one of Hidden Hearing’s hearing care professionals will take the time to ask questions about your lifestyle and health history, to understand your personal hearing challenges and help determine the possible causes of your hearing loss. They’ll then carry out a free test to determine your degree of hearing loss.

  3. Better hearing
    If your hearing test results indicate hearing loss that can be helped by a hearing aid, Hidden Hearing will help you find an effective solution best suited to your lifestyle and level of hearing loss. Everything will be explained in detail and you’ll be able to test the hearing aids in-clinic to see how much of a difference they make. We strongly encourage you to bring a loved one along to the consultation so that you can test your hearing, with and without the hearing aids, against a familiar voice.



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